Reda 是由 Carlo Reda 於1865年建立的意大利羊毛廠。可持續發展,對卓越的追求及意大利製造傳統,為推動 Reda 生產優質諾羊毛的三大核心價值。憑藉一個多世紀的經驗,他們的紡織品一直是優質的代名詞,這歸功於 Reda 每個階段的生產過程都經過嚴格的檢查,不斷進步以編織出完美和純淨的紗線。


Reda is an Italian wool mill established in 1865 by Carlo Reda. Sustainable innovation, passion for excellence and a deeply-rooted Made in Italy tradition are the values that drive Reda in the manufacturing of exceptional-quality Merino wool textiles. With over a century of experience, their textiles have always been a synonym of excellence and quality thanks to a production process of which each phase is scrupulously checked and to a constant striving for perfection and purity of the yarn.