Being the pioneer in the tailoring industry, we have been interviewed by multiple media and publications about how we combine traditional artistry with the latest technology to provide better bespoke tailoring experience.

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“We value the communication with our customers the most. Traditional craftsmanship can never be replaced by technology. With this system, we hope to bring the art of tailoring to a broader audience in a scalable way.”

Hong Kong Tailor Association

Board Member of the Hong Kong Tailor Association

Hong Kong Tailors Association is a non-profit organisation for local custom and bespoke tailors. It provides a communication platform for tailors and plays an important role in promoting Hong Kong tailoring industry overseas and in international trades. Founded in 1935, it is one of the earliest and largest chambers in the tailoring industry in Hong Kong.


The Lancelot Sponsored Video 1


This micro film we sponsored won "The Most Popular Micro Film Award". It is about the relationship between a father and a son. Apart from supporting local media production, we sponsor films that spread positive messages.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." -Theodor Seuss Giesel

The Lancelot Sponsored Video

言愛 · 及時

“Never be afraid to say what you feel.” This is the core message of this micro film that we sponsored which we resonate deeply. We sponsored the suits, as well as the venue and provided technical support regarding bespoke tailoring to the local media company so they could better script the story. We hope this message can be heard by more people, especially people in Hong Kong as we are not used to express our love to those we care for.