How to Sanitize Your Suit in 1 Minute

Although the pandemic is coming to an end, it's still important to remember the importance of keeping clean. With suits being a staple for many during work, it's essential to ensure they are sanitized properly. Spending just a minute each day to disinfect your clothes and suits can help keep you and your family healthy as we move forward.

how to sanitize your suit in 1 minute the right way

To ensure the health and safety of our customers, we've researched and consulted with professionals on how to properly sanitize suits and clothes. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions:
  • Can dry cleaning effectively sanitize clothes?
  • What are some alternative ways to sanitize clothes without dry cleaning?
  • What methods should be avoided when sanitizing clothes?

Read on for our expert advice on keeping your clothes, including suits, clean and sanitized.

Can dry cleaning effectively sanitize clothes?

High temperature is a proven method for effectively killing coronaviruses. The World Health Organization (WHO) has not explicitly stated that high temperatures can kill the virus. However, it has been advised that cooking food with the virus is safe to eat, which indicates that high temperature is an effective method. Li Lanjuan, an infectious disease expert, has also claimed that the coronavirus dies at 56 degrees Celsius within 30 minutes.

Coronavirus has an envelope, making it vulnerable to heat. Heating the virus to high temperatures can effectively destroy it, which is why it is important to use high temperatures in disinfecting clothes and suits.

To find out whether dry cleaning can sanitize clothes, I consulted the person in charge of Sunshine Laundry, a reputable laundry in Hong Kong that has been in business for 27 years. According to their approach, dry cleaning uses high temperatures to assist targeted chemical cleaning agents in removing dirt from clothes. Clothes and suits are washed at high temperatures for tens of minutes during the dry cleaning process, which effectively kills the new coronavirus.

What are some alternative ways to sanitize clothes without dry cleaning?

If you're worried about the cost and frequency of dry cleaning your clothes or suits, don't worry! Here are some simple steps you can take to sanitize your clothes and suits at home:

1. Spray Your Clothes With A Disinfectant Spray That Can Kill The Coronavirus
There are disinfectant sprays available on the market that are safe for woolen fabrics and have been proven to kill coronaviruses. You can coat your suit with the disinfectant spray evenly as instructed on the label of the disinfectant spray.

2. Brush Away The Dust With A Bristle Brush
After that, you can use your suit brush to brush away the dust on your suit. It's important to disinfect your clothes and suits before brushing away any dust, as germs can cling to dust. Brushing dust before sanitizing may cause germs to fly. To avoid any damage to your cherished suit, we recommend using a high-quality bristle brush. Bristle brushes are made from the most elastic of all animal hairs and are not easy to deform or damage. They are also moisture-resistant and can help better maintain your suit's appearance.

Following these two simple steps can help sanitize your clothes and suits effectively and efficiently without breaking the bank.

high quality suit brush

What methods should be avoided when sanitizing clothes?

If you're looking for effective ways to sanitize your clothing and suits, it's important to know which methods are safe to use. While there are many disinfection methods available, not all of them are suitable for clothing and suits. Here are two methods that are proven to be effective but should not be used for disinfecting clothing and suits:

do not use alcohol or bleach to sanitize your suit

1) Alcohol (75%) - Flammable

Alcohol, also known as Ethyl alcohol, is an effective sanitizer that can kill the new coronavirus. However, it's not suitable for sanitizing suits. Alcohol is highly flammable and can easily catch fire when exposed to an open flame or static electricity. This makes it very dangerous to use on high-quality suits made of wool fibres, which generate a high amount of electric charge. Therefore, it's best to avoid using alcohol for disinfecting clothing and suits.

2) Bleach - Fading

Bleach contains 5.25% sodium hypochlorite, which is effective in killing the new coronavirus when diluted to a concentration of 0.05% - 0.5%. However, bleach is not suitable for disinfecting clothing and suits. When clothes are stained with bleach, they can be re-dyed by the laundry. However, the dyeing process for suit fabrics is complicated, and it's impossible to dye them back to their original colours. This means that if you use bleach on your suit, it may become permanently discoloured. So, it's best to avoid using bleach on clothing and suits and keep them looking their best.

To Conclude

As a tailor, I have been contemplating how I can help everyone during this anti-epidemic period. I have come up with some effective methods to sanitize your suits without causing any damage, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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At The Lancelot, we take the safety of our guests seriously. Therefore, we sanitize all of our suits to kill the coronavirus, so you can wear them with peace of mind. If you want a suit that fits you perfectly, check out The Lancelot Latest Offers. We will design your bespoke suit from scratch based on your body shape and size to ensure a good fit.

Please note that alcohol and bleach are not suitable for disinfecting clothing and suits. Alcohol is flammable and can burn when it encounters an open flame or static electricity. Meanwhile, bleach can cause clothes to fade and is difficult to dye back to their original colour.

We consulted with the experts at Sunshine Laundry to provide you with the most accurate and effective information possible. We appreciate their expertise and insights on this topic and hope that this article will be helpful to all those who want to keep their suits and clothing sanitized during this time. Please Subscribe to The Lancelot and support us by sharing this article with friends who wear suits often. Stay safe and healthy!



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