About The Lancelot

The Lancelot is a premium tailoring brand in Hong Kong. Our mission begins with your desired image in mind. With our unique and precise algorithms for body measurements, you can be sure that all the garments you ordered are accurately made to fit perfectly on you that accentuate your best features.

Many people have tried different tailors for bespoke clothing.  There’s always this mystery, where even though you’ve been measured up by a highly experienced tailor, the end product still doesn’t seem to be 100% satisfactory.   How come it is so difficult to just get it right?

The Balance between the Fit and Style

As time passes by, the definition of “Perfect Fit” varies between the younger generation and experienced tailors.   The advantage of having a younger tailor is that he would be able to understand what kind of style you’re looking for and what your definition of Perfect Fit is.  However, in order to make a “Perfectly Fitted” suit, you’ll also have to communicate your idea of “Perfect Fit” to the experienced tailor.   

Most people would think that getting the measurements correct is all that’s needed.  In reality,  the measurements of a suit involves a tonne of body curve ratios. A suit will never be a perfect fit, if the tailor is not familiar with the pattern drafting process and structure, and simply attempts to tighten up the measurements so that it “fits” the body. 

When a Headcutter receives the measurements written down by a young tailor which doesn’t make sense, how would it be possible to create the perfectly fitted suit?  It would then be impossible to come up with the perfect suit.

Using technology and over 300 algorithms to compute Your Pattern Draft

Over the years, The Lancelot has put in a lot of effort into getting the pattern draft right.  This involves understanding the philosophy of how a suit is made and how to translate them into the form of measurement numbers with the help of technology.   According to the our experienced Pattern Drafting Cutter, our algorithm will analyze each customers’ body curve, as well as their postures, before computing the right measurement numbers into the pattern draft.  Most tailors would only take around 15 measurement points, while The Lancelot would record up to 37 measurement points and computing the perfect fit with over 100 computation algorithms.   This is our secret recipe in producing the “Perfectly Fitted” suit.

Solid Technique with a Wide Range of Fabrics

The Lancelot offers a wide range of fabrics including the Full Collection of the latest 2020 Ermenegildo Zegna Fabrics, which is a total of 33 Fabric Swatches in itself!  If Zegna is not your cup of tea, there are also a wide variety of other fabric brands available at The Lancelot, including Reda, Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana, Thomas Mason, etc.   You don’t really have to worry that you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for.