Dino Filarte


Dino Filarte 是一個著名的面料品牌,以整合全球資源和尖端技術而聞名。他們使用的羊毛來自歷史悠久的澳洲農場,並於米蘭知名的研發中心設計圖案和紋理。他們把創新的意大利技術融入每個生產的階段,使Dino Filarte的面料與眾不同。


Dino Filarte is a well-known fabric brand which is famous for integrating global resources along with cutting-edge technologies. They use fine wool from old Australian farms with patterns and textures designed by the Italy's famous R&D Centre in Milan. Their special innovative Italian technologies are used at every stage of the production. Their unique Italy's design and technologies are what sets the fabrics of Dino Filarte apart from the rest.