Lanificio Luigi Colombo是全球最大的羊絨和優質纖維生產商。 每個面料生產的階段都在 Colombo 家族密切的監督下進行,以確保最高的質量。從精心選擇纖維,到將其轉變為紗線,再到製成成品,Colombo 為不少意大利和國際時尚界最負盛名的品牌製造一系列高質數的布料。


Lanificio Luigi Colombo is the world’s top producer of cashmere and high quality fibres. Each single production phase takes place within a vertical structure under the close supervision of the Colombo Family to guarantee the highest possible degree of quality, from the meticulous selection of fibres to their transformation into yarns and fabrics right to the finished product, creating fabric collections for the most prestigious names of Italian and International Fashion.