所有於 The Lancelot 訂製的服裝內襯均選用Bemberg- 全球唯一生產優質銅氨纖維(Cupro)的日本品牌。它輕便透氣、耐用光滑、抗靜電,非常適合香港的天氣,可100%生物降解,具有天然纖維的柔韌性和人工纖維的功能性,是製作裡布的最佳選擇。 不少知名的品牌如 Ermenegildo Zegna 所用的內襯,都是出自Bemberg之手。

有關Bemberg 的優勝之處可參考此文章:【西裝細節】西裝好焗?你可能忽略了這個重要細節


The Lancelot only uses Bemberg as the lining for our garments. Bemberg is from Japan and it's the only brand that produces high-quality copper ammonia fibre, Cupro. It's light, breathable, durable and smooth with antistatic property which makes it perfect to wear in Hong Kong. It's also 100% biodegradable with the flexibility of natural fibres and the functionality of artificial fibres, making it hands down the best choice for lining and our environment. Well-known brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna also love using Bemberg.