The Secret To Look Taller For Men

Get a 3-piece monochromatic suit. Wearing one colour for your suit jacket, vest and trousers can avoid your body being visually separated in parts. The buttons on the vest also plays an important part. The higher button stance on the vest will further elongate your silhouette, making you look taller.

Tailored suits are made and designed according to your frame and needs. Unlike suits that are off the rack, a tailored suit can accentuate your best attributes, while obscuring unflattering ones. This gives you the complete control over the fabric, style and fit, whether you'd like to look taller or slimmer, classic or casual.

📌Check out our Suit Resources page for the summary of this blog post as well as everything you need to know about bespoke tailoring. (Including the choice of materials, how to style and care for your suit)


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