Check this to identify a quality suit

Look at the lining of the suit. What is it made of? If it’s a polyester lining, it’s poorly made. Polyester is made from synthetic materials and just like plastic, it doesn’t breath very well. Even if you have a breathable high-quality wool exterior, having a polyester lining will trap all the moisture in you, making you feel hot and uncomfortable. Polyester is also non-biodegradable, causing great impact on our environment.

We produce quality suits with lining made of Bemberg, a high-quality brand of cupro produced in Japan. Bemberg is made from cotton linter. It’s lightweight, breathable, durable and biodegradable, making it hands down the best option for lining and the environment. At The Lancelot, we use Bemberg to produce the lining of our suit so you'll always look and feel fantastic.

📌Check out our Suit Resources page for the summary of this blog post as well as everything you need to know about bespoke tailoring. (Including the choice of materials, how to style and care for your suit)


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