3 lapel styles you should know

There are 3 styles of lapel: notched, peak and shawl. When choosing your lapel for your suit, always consider the occasion.

Notched lapels are the most common type and can be seen in different outerwear because they're versatile and suitable for all occasions. If you're looking for a more formal option, for example, a business formal wear, go for the peak lapels. They appear more elegant with the edges pointing towards your shoulders. Shawl lapels are the most formal which can be seen on tuxedos. These are for exclusive events and are not appropriate for corporate and everyday wear.

It's also very important to maintain the proportion of the lapels with your shoulder. Usually, the lapels should extend to about the middle between the collar and your shoulder. As always, the right fit and proportion are the important factors whether or not your suit looks amazing on you. Consult your tailor if you have any doubts.

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