Time to Step Back After 3+ Years of Effort

8 Aug 2023

Don't worry, I'm not leaving for good! Just wanted to let you know that I'll be on vacation from August 18th to 28th, taking my first extended break in three years. If you're thinking about getting a bespoke suit, make sure to book your appointment within these two weeks.

Speaking of our journey, let me take you back a bit. The Lancelot started as a venture dedicated to providing personalised, at-home tailoring services. As word spread and demand grew, I knew it was time to reach even more individuals. That's when we opened our Central store in 2020.

Making this move was not without its challenges. The decision to have a physical presence came with monthly rent commitments and uncertainties. However, it was a necessary step to break out of our comfort zone and bring the excellence of The Lancelot to a wider audience.

In early January 2020, we excitedly opened our store. In February, Hong Kong announced its first fatality due to the new coronavirus. Our business took a sudden hit, plummeting by a staggering 90%, and all appointments were cancelled. And mind you, this was just within the first month of our grand opening.

But I refused to let these obstacles halt our progress. I delved into refining our tailoring techniques, learning from esteemed mentors worldwide, including United Kingdom, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

My vision for The Lancelot has always been about growth and impact. We strive not only to create exceptional bespoke suits but also to reduce the environmental footprint associated with the fashion industry. This is a commitment that extends well into the future.

Fast forward to the present, Hong Kong has reopened its doors early this year. This positive shift has led to a surge in demand for our custom suits, culminating in record-breaking months for The Lancelot.

None of this would have been possible without your unwavering support. Be it family, friends, or valued clients like you, your encouragement has been invaluable. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

If you find yourself facing challenges, remember, we've overcome the toughest times; brighter days are ahead.

I'll be away for a relaxing break from August 18th to 28th. If you're in need of a suit or have upcoming events, make sure to schedule your appointment ahead of time.

If you enjoyed this update or have questions, please let me know in your reply. Your feedback encourages more sharing.

When I'm back, expect even better offerings from The Lancelot! Keep pushing forward!



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