My Client Turned into My Competitor? The Secret to Loro Piana's Success

04 Oct 2023

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Loro Piana's private event. They shared their secret to increasing sales during the pandemic, and I discovered something surprising—one of my client turned out to be a fellow tailor!

Loro Piana Private Event with Hong Kong Tailors

If you're a Loro Piana fan, you've probably noticed a significant shift in their strategy in recent years. But if you've only recently come across the brand, what's your impression? Do you think they are going for the luxury route?

Well, it's all intentional. Loro Piana has gradually ceased production of fabrics below Super 130’s and focused all their efforts on high-end materials to make better products, allowing them to thrive even during the pandemic.

Loro Piana Private Event Gift and Card

This resonates with me. As you know from my previous email, I continued to refine my techniques during the pandemic, striving to deliver exceptional products for those who order from The Lancelot. That's why when they need custom suits, they come straight back to me.

So, besides going high-end, what else did Loro Piana do right? The answer is adapting to the times. Linen has gained increasing popularity lately, and Loro Piana introduced a new brand, Solbiati, entirely focused on this fabric.

While linen is known for being breathable in the summer, did you know it's also one of the most eco-friendly fabrics? Its carbon emissions and water usage during production are lower than cotton fabrics. Take a look at the data:

linen sustainability facts and numbers

Consumers now consider not only the end product but also the environmental impact of its production. They're increasingly aware of the damage caused by fast fashion, which is undoubtedly a positive change that encourages more brands to make a difference.

Of course, we need to be discerning because some brands genuinely contribute to the environment, while others merely make it seem that way (greenwashing). That's a topic for another day, though.

Apart from linen, natural fabrics like cashmere are also gaining attention. Loro Piana sources their cashmere directly from Mongolian farms, allowing them to produce outstanding cashmere fabrics.

By the way, this year, besides Loro Piana, Scabal's cashmere caught my eye as well. Whether it's the softness or the sheen of the fabric, it's a rare find these days. If you're thinking of making an overcoat, you're always welcome to visit our boutique to compare Loro Piana and Scabal so you can feel it for yourself.

Remember I mentioned meeting a client? Loro Piana only invited a few tailor shops in Hong Kong that sell their fabrics, so everyone at the event was a fellow tailor. Among them was a "client" who had visited my store twice before.

Just before attending the event, I happened to remember him. A few months ago, he inquired about several unique fabrics, and at that time, I was about 70% sure he was a fellow tailor. When I greeted him, he seemed a bit embarrassed.

Who hasn't walked into a fellow competitor's store out of curiosity? I've done it too. Yes, we're competitors, but it's not a zero-sum game. Just like most women don't limit themselves to a single brand—having Chanel, LV, Cartier, and others in their collections—right?

So, what's most important is how we can all grow this industry together, so that more people appreciate the art of bespoke tailoring. Let's create more opportunities and I'd love to connect directly with more fellow tailors in the future.

Lastly, if you enjoyed this update, give me a 👏🏼 in your reply to let me know you made it to the end. Looking forward to seeing you in our boutique next time—both clients and fellow tailors are welcome.

Until next time!


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