I’m Back, Can't Believe I Fell for This

13 Sep 2023

I'm back from my vacation and now taking new appointments. If you need a suit, you can make your booking here. I didn't expect such a huge response to my last email. Almost everyone's first words were, 'Congratulations on being able to travel!’ I also received some heartwarming replies.

This time, I want to share an unexpected gain during my trip. Despite not being much of a shopper, I ended up buying two identical product in one leisurely afternoon on the streets of Shibuya. It caught my eye, and my instincts told me I couldn't miss it. I walked into the small shop and picked it up. From the materials, craftsmanship, to the design, I was truly impressed. What amazed me even more was that downstairs in the same shop, there was a vast space, half of which was a workshop with young craftsmen creating leather goods.

Can you guess what I fell for? Let me show you.

Yes, it's this leather backpack! You might think, 'What's so special about it?' Well, the devil is in the details. As soon as held it in my hands, I could tell the material was incredibly sturdy, the craftsmanship was exquisite, and even the shoulder straps are specially designed to fit the body's curve, making it comfortable to be carried.

It reminded me of the senior tailor who taught me the intricacies of suit tailoring.. I learned how to distribute the weight evenly on the shoulders through cutting. That’s why many customers find our suits not only well-fitting but also exceptionally comfortable.

This is the result of continuous improvement, using traditional techniques combined with our in-house developed algorithms. Of course, nothing is perfect, so I've never stopped striving for better. I'm grateful to all the loyal customers who have witnessed my progress.

Now, you might wonder why I bought two backpacks. Besides admiring the craftsmanship of this leather shop, it's because I found a connection here: a commitment to uncompromising quality and the spirit of passing down traditional skills.

Remember when I mentioned that the workshop occupies half of the space downstairs? Even though Tokyo's rent isn't as crazy as Hong Kong's, this shop still chose to allocate half of its space to nurture young talents.

That's one of the goals of my entrepreneurship. I hope to pass on the skills of Hong Kong tailors in a more systematic way and encourage more young people who are passionate about fashion design to join, taking this traditional skills to the global stage.

After all this talk, you might be curious about where this shop is and the price of the backpack.

Don't worry; I'll reveal that, but not now. Let me explain that with every email I send, I’d like to share the latest updates from The Lancelot and bits of my entrepreneurial and personal life. But most importantly, it's about having more interaction with all of you.

Replies create real interaction, rather than me just sending out messages. Most people don't have the habit of replying to subscription emails, and honestly, I don't either. However, we can start with something simple.

If you want the details of this leather shop, just reply with a "1."

Yes, it's that simple. You can also reply with a 👍🏼 to show your support, letting me know you enjoy this type of sharing. And of course, any replies are welcomed.

I understand not everyone who subscribes will open this email – that's impossible. But if you did, and you're here now, any reply, even just a single "1" or a 👍🏼, let me know you're with me. So, are you in?



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