Full-canvas, half-canvas and fused suit. What to choose?

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Full-canvas suit

A full-canvas suit refers to a jacket with a layer of canvas that covers the entire front panel. This holds the shape of the suit yet it's more expensive, heavier and time-consuming to make.


Fused/glued suit 

A fused or glued suit refers to interlining that uses glue to hold the fabric together and create the shape. Avoid fused suits as the glue diminishes over time and blisters will appear on your suit.


Half-canvas suit

A half-canvas suit is a middle ground between a full-canvas and fused suit. It's not as bulky as the full-canvas and will not have blisters appear on it.


At The Lancelot, all our suit come half-canvas and we do full-canvas suit at a supplementary fee. We find that half-canvas suit has a great balance in quality and weight which makes it a better choice.

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